Snapping the Written Work 001

I’ve been busy art journaling, and so have not blogged on the regular basis that I had planned. And recently I discovered #The100DayProject, and thought this could be a way to challenge myself, and utilize my blog the way I promised myself and my followers. I really wanted to snap a photo of my poetry writing process, including the written poem, but I found that on Instagram, you can’t click on a photo and zoom in like you can in many other programs and platforms. I don’t know enough about Instagram because I don’t use it hardly at all. So, I’m going to take the photo the way I intended and then create a blog post with the poem typed so you can read it.

The warship is coming.
Our own undoing, no accident.
Break this tide of progress.
Graffiti this myth
Of 2,000 years.
The shame and smash;
The weakness and wreck.
Bad luck my friends.
Your iconoclast.
The warship is coming.
The warship is coming.
Why is breaking bad on my watch?
Seize this social media.
Bring down the bells, the flags,
The mini-golf courses.
Deface assassinations,
Pillage towers, devour debt,
Mangle the matriarchy.
Your mythoclast.
The warship is coming.


Copyright Kristian J. Duncan

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