1,000 Stones Per Hour

I remember turning 40 at the beginning of the year, thinking, this year WILL be the most positive, productive year to date for me, at least in the “writing” and “art”, and hopefully “blogging” departments….well…not-so-much. I apologize. 

The quickest explanation for my absence:

  • (Too much) death
  • Weird and very random pain
  • Indecision 
  • Fear
  • And this “checking out of reality” phenomenon that seems to happen at least two to three times a year, or maybe what I’m doing now is a “checking in”, and I may be checked out for the majority of the year, who knows really 

Not that money is a priority for me, but I did pay for a domain, and I can’t see letting this go to waste. And I really did have good intentions when I began this blogging endeavor. But a few happenings have made me see things differently, maybe more realistically than I’d prefer to admit. 
So, for now my blog posts will consist of the laidback kinda blogging I think I may be more easily suited in delivering:

  • Poetry
  • Art
  • Journal entries
  • Photography 

…with randomness of course. Here’s another generated photo using my favorite photo editing app Snapseed:


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