Minutes passed before I realized when I had taken this photo – so long ago.

My ex, and I were headed out to Duette, Florida as part of our newspaper delivery route (such a place really should not be named). She was speeding down route 64, and I was playing around with my real camera – a Canon AE-1.

It was the middle of the night, hanging out the passenger window of a dilapidated conversion van, in the heat of summer.

We always had music on. Loud music – a combination of punk, post-punk, so-cal punk, southern punk, mod, fractal mindbreakingsocalled music!

But after I snapped this photo, and had it developed (which probably took forever for me to get done), it became something else.

It became that sensation of closed ears, and without ringing; just the solitude of a temporary quiet going on.



4 thoughts on “The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Silence

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