“Like Greyhounds In the Slips”

I forgot how much I appreciate  Shakespeare

Ready and anxious, not to depart, but to arrive.

This post is meant for my old followers who were loyal, regarding my old blog that I called Splinters. Several months ago, I thought about making Splinters my official domain name, but Splinters.com, and Splinters.org was already taken. This made me unhappy, because looking back at my posts, they really were me, even if I was using the fictitious name – Sid Sorin. My poetry, my aching thoughts, my mementos…

It seems like Sid has left. I don’t really know where she went, or why.

Chucking everything from Splinters out of the patio door of my apartment was heartbreaking, but I think it may be for the best. A new year = new blogs, new poetry, new art, and hopefully, new photographs. (I just discovered how ridiculously large my art journal images are; I’ll fix it.)

I just want my old followers (and new), to continue the discovery of my true self.


Kristian J. Duncan


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