More About Us, or We, Me, and You…And the Letter H

We, at the moment, is only little ole me. But in the future, therottingtree may grow enough that I will have no choice but to hire a staff. That’s my dream anyway…

So I may use these pronouns interchangeably. And I may have a slight case of, not multiple personality disorder – maybe a memory disorder (because right now the term I found a few years ago escapes me) – when a writer becomes different persons as he/she is writing a piece of literature. If you know it, please tell me so I don’t have to go hunting for the term in my journals (which would be a lot of journals to go through). I believe the term begins with the letter H.

Not entirely am I a newbie, but I’m certainly no expert with WordPress.

  • Add said goal to the list.
  • Blogging each and every day is my top priority for creative people like you, and me.
  • The contest thing is a massive goal, but I do plan to keep my word.
  • Trees begin as a tiny seed anyway…as do the rest of us.

It will take time, but I’ve already received a few likes, and thus convinces me that more will come as long as I post on a regular basis. Blogging 101 certainly helps – thanks WordPress.

Be yourself they tell me.

With Appreciation,



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