Manifestation – the number four – stability – earth – foundation – building – lumber – trees – paper.

You get the idea.

Okay, maybe not? We love trees, and even though they must perish like everything else, they also prove – not to get too spiritual here – that they exist far beyond their life span; in the homes we live in, the documents we read, and…

This website is devoted to storytellers who use any medium, because we’ve learned that anything can be turned into a text. 

The text can be a piece of fiction (or non-fiction), poetry, a song, a photograph, a drawing…

And we would like to help you tell it.

We’re on the constant search for writing, and art prompts, and plan to blog about our own, to give followers some challenges for creating new works of texts (with many a things thrown in just to liven it up a bit).

We’d love to interact with other artists who do their thing, and who may be seeking publication.

Within the near future, there will be contests, interviews, essays, articles – whatever we can get our hands on.

Please be patient, because as our content grows, as well as our followers, our blog will be changing for the better. 




Say something........anything

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