Snapping the Written Work 001

I’ve been busy art journaling, and so have not blogged on the regular basis that I had planned. And recently I discovered #The100DayProject, and thought this could be a way to challenge myself, and utilize my blog the way I promised myself and my followers. I really wanted to snap a photo of my poetry writing process, including the written poem, but I found that on Instagram, you can’t click on a photo and zoom in like you can in many other programs and platforms. I don’t know enough about Instagram because I don’t use it hardly at all. So, I’m going to take the photo the way I intended and then create a blog post with the poem typed so you can read it.

The warship is coming.
Our own undoing, no accident.
Break this tide of progress.
Graffiti this myth
Of 2,000 years.
The shame and smash;
The weakness and wreck.
Bad luck my friends.
Your iconoclast.
The warship is coming.
The warship is coming.
Why is breaking bad on my watch?
Seize this social media.
Bring down the bells, the flags,
The mini-golf courses.
Deface assassinations,
Pillage towers, devour debt,
Mangle the matriarchy.
Your mythoclast.
The warship is coming.


Copyright Kristian J. Duncan

1,000 Stones Per Hour

I remember turning 40 at the beginning of the year, thinking, this year WILL be the most positive, productive year to date for me, at least in the “writing” and “art”, and hopefully “blogging” departments….well…not-so-much. I apologize. 

The quickest explanation for my absence:

  • (Too much) death
  • Weird and very random pain
  • Indecision 
  • Fear
  • And this “checking out of reality” phenomenon that seems to happen at least two to three times a year, or maybe what I’m doing now is a “checking in”, and I may be checked out for the majority of the year, who knows really 

Not that money is a priority for me, but I did pay for a domain, and I can’t see letting this go to waste. And I really did have good intentions when I began this blogging endeavor. But a few happenings have made me see things differently, maybe more realistically than I’d prefer to admit. 
So, for now my blog posts will consist of the laidback kinda blogging I think I may be more easily suited in delivering:

  • Poetry
  • Art
  • Journal entries
  • Photography 

…with randomness of course. Here’s another generated photo using my favorite photo editing app Snapseed:



What I’m doing right now???

Doodling with my Koi Water Color Pocket Field Sketch Box.

If you’re curious about art journaling, take a trip to your local art store, and purchase these items:

  • Moleskine Japanese Art Album (you won’t be sorry)
  • Copic Markers (these are expensive but worth the money, and you only need a couple)
  • A set of Multiliners (for fine detail)
  • The letter/number stencil is made of thin metal, and has held up well.
  • Graphite Pencils, in Aqua Soluble too!
  • Colored Pencils, also Water Soluble.
  • Japanese Art Brush
  • Koi Water Brushes (to keep water handy, and the brushes aren’t half bad)

I would love to see other’s art albums. I’ve scrolled through numerous images on Google after typing in “art journal”, specifically, “Japanese Art Album Journal”, and much of what I’ve seen is amazing.

No, I don’t think my own is amazing in the way fine art may be to some, but definitely in the way that I pummeled my own resistance to the thought of using this kind of sketchbook.

Happy Art Journaling!



The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Silence

Minutes passed before I realized when I had taken this photo – so long ago.

My ex, and I were headed out to Duette, Florida as part of our newspaper delivery route (such a place really should not be named). She was speeding down route 64, and I was playing around with my real camera – a Canon AE-1.

It was the middle of the night, hanging out the passenger window of a dilapidated conversion van, in the heat of summer.

We always had music on. Loud music – a combination of punk, post-punk, so-cal punk, southern punk, mod, fractal mindbreakingsocalled music!

But after I snapped this photo, and had it developed (which probably took forever for me to get done), it became something else.

It became that sensation of closed ears, and without ringing; just the solitude of a temporary quiet going on.



“Like Greyhounds In the Slips”

I forgot how much I appreciate  Shakespeare

Ready and anxious, not to depart, but to arrive.

This post is meant for my old followers who were loyal, regarding my old blog that I called Splinters. Several months ago, I thought about making Splinters my official domain name, but, and was already taken. This made me unhappy, because looking back at my posts, they really were me, even if I was using the fictitious name – Sid Sorin. My poetry, my aching thoughts, my mementos…

It seems like Sid has left. I don’t really know where she went, or why.

Chucking everything from Splinters out of the patio door of my apartment was heartbreaking, but I think it may be for the best. A new year = new blogs, new poetry, new art, and hopefully, new photographs. (I just discovered how ridiculously large my art journal images are; I’ll fix it.)

I just want my old followers (and new), to continue the discovery of my true self.


Kristian J. Duncan


There Are Journals, and There Are Art Journals 

I recently added a page to therottingtree called Journal. I added this page to illustrate that I’ve recently begun the creative task of keeping an art journal, alongside my writing journal. However, I’ve discovered that it’s extremely hard to keep up with both because for one, I’m easily distracted, and two, it’s just hard, and more time-consuming. So I’ve learned, and hopefully figured out a way to do both in one journal. (I have doubts about this.)

The idea of an art journal caught my eye on (I think it was Kindle), while I  was researching books about journaling prompts for writing. I then discovered this art journaling book, The Journal Junkies Workshop: Visual Ammunition for the Art Addict by Eric M. Scott, and David R. Modler.

From here is where my mind went rampant with this idea, to the point of becoming obsessed with the fact that my normal, everyday, writing journal was not sketchy, or visual enough.

And it stopped me dead in my journaling tracks.

It is a great book, you should check it out if you’re interested in art journaling. And I still peruse it from time to time. But it cannot replace my journaling style, which looks more like a doctor’s prescription note, than anything considered neat, or artistic.

So if you would like to post an image from your own art journal in the comments on the Journal page, that would be awesome!




More About Us, or We, Me, and You…And the Letter H

We, at the moment, is only little ole me. But in the future, therottingtree may grow enough that I will have no choice but to hire a staff. That’s my dream anyway…

So I may use these pronouns interchangeably. And I may have a slight case of, not multiple personality disorder – maybe a memory disorder (because right now the term I found a few years ago escapes me) – when a writer becomes different persons as he/she is writing a piece of literature. If you know it, please tell me so I don’t have to go hunting for the term in my journals (which would be a lot of journals to go through). I believe the term begins with the letter H.

Not entirely am I a newbie, but I’m certainly no expert with WordPress.

  • Add said goal to the list.
  • Blogging each and every day is my top priority for creative people like you, and me.
  • The contest thing is a massive goal, but I do plan to keep my word.
  • Trees begin as a tiny seed anyway…as do the rest of us.

It will take time, but I’ve already received a few likes, and thus convinces me that more will come as long as I post on a regular basis. Blogging 101 certainly helps – thanks WordPress.

Be yourself they tell me.

With Appreciation,




Manifestation – the number four – stability – earth – foundation – building – lumber – trees – paper.

You get the idea.

Okay, maybe not? We love trees, and even though they must perish like everything else, they also prove – not to get too spiritual here – that they exist far beyond their life span; in the homes we live in, the documents we read, and…

This website is devoted to storytellers who use any medium, because we’ve learned that anything can be turned into a text. 

The text can be a piece of fiction (or non-fiction), poetry, a song, a photograph, a drawing…

And we would like to help you tell it.

We’re on the constant search for writing, and art prompts, and plan to blog about our own, to give followers some challenges for creating new works of texts (with many a things thrown in just to liven it up a bit).

We’d love to interact with other artists who do their thing, and who may be seeking publication.

Within the near future, there will be contests, interviews, essays, articles – whatever we can get our hands on.

Please be patient, because as our content grows, as well as our followers, our blog will be changing for the better.